The mission: Creating real estate heroes.

Headquartered in Gothenburg (Sweden) and with offices in UK, Australia, Bangladesh and France, we make sense of the worlds real estate data. A revolution is on its way. Are you ready?

Adfenix helps over 90 real estate agencies worldwide to shorten sales cycles and reach the right target group outside of the traditional portals. In 2014 André Hegge and Gabriel Kamienny realised the housing market was a dull horse and in need of new ways of doing things. Thus Adfenix was founded. Why not utilise the great amount of data out there to make really good advertising on social media?  

By putting a small (but smart) script on each signed agencies website we’re able to collect huge amounts of data. This makes it possible, with great precision, to determine who might be interested in a specific property.

When we know this we venture out on social media and find even more similar people. Therefore we’re not only able to find the target audience who are actively looking for a property, we’re also able to find anyone who might be interested in this specific property (even if they don’t know it yet!). 

This is really effective. An Adfenix ad gives as much as ten times more traction than a normal ad on social media. That’s a lot! 

It was an immediate success of course. With a small and dedicated team, Adfenix grew into a giant on the Nordic market signing more and more agencies and extending its wings to the UK, Australia and France. 

In February 2017 we were about 12 people sitting in a small room in the centre of Gothenburg. It was nice and cosy and sometimes a bit lacking of air. Now we’re closing up on 70 and growing. Come say hi to us if you're passing by Gothenburg, Dhaka, London, Melbourne or Paris. 

Welcome to Adfenix. Where real estate heroes are made.   

Adfenix's products are used in 9 countries

65 Agencies around the globe are linked to adfenix

4797 Real estate agents use our products

Our products

Home Booster

Creating powerful ads on social media by understanding what buyers are looking for and showing your properties to the right people, at the right time.

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Agent Booster

A digital alternative to the classic letterbox drop - economically and environmentally friendly! Boost your expertise and success to potential sellers, and position yourself as the dominant agent in your area. 

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Social Booster

Harness the seller's own social network by inviting them to like, comment and share interesting details about their home and neighbourhood.

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