23 Nov 2017

How chatbots can simplify almost anything

We’re quickly moving towards the age of chatbots, are you keeping up? Chatbots have created a lot of buzz lately. They can help you with almost anything - scheduling a meeting, ordering pizza, find your lost bike or why not find your true love. If apps were the big thing solving all of your problems back in 2009, chatbots are definitely doing the same thing for 2017.
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26 Oct 2017

Innovation threats in PropTech

The ultimate goal of some PropTech companies is that in the near future the real estate industry will be automated and run entirely on algorithms within AI. However, just because the PropTech industry promotes artificial intelligence, this doesn’t necessarily say that artificial intelligence will completely take over and eliminate real estate agents in the future.
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12 Oct 2017

How to utilise social proof

A beautiful image and a good selling text is a great way to get more people to press the like-button on your social media property ads. But after all, people are buying a home, a place their life will revolve around. What could be more valuable than a good review from the current homeowner?
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28 Sep 2017

Why every real estate agent should analyse their data

Analysing data means analysing the digital footprints your leads and clients leave behind. For example, almost all websites today uses cookies. A cookie is a small file that saves in your browser and lets your browser remember that you’ve been on a certain website.
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14 Sep 2017

Robots in real estate

There are a lot of industries threaten to be disrupted by new technologies and according to a report from PwC, 38% of existing US jobs could face automation over the next 15 years. Others (E.g. Apple co-founder) claim robotics and Artificial Intelligence won’t compete with human jobs in at least 100 years.
So, what does the future hold for the real estate industry?
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31 Aug 2017

Compete on social media as a real estate agent

Today there are 2.46 billion (!) social media users around the globe, and these figures are expected to grow. With that said, if you as a real estate agent want to stay ahead of the game, you need to learn how to fully utilize the power of social media networks.
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17 Aug 2017

Technology makes online ads more relevant

Around 83% of us find online advertising annoying, and relevance is the key to avoid that. Imagine how your experience would improve if everything you were exposed to online were relevant to you and provided you with helpful information. Oh boy, would the Internet be a happy place if that happened!
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03 Aug 2017

Six words to know if you have anything to do with social media advertising

While talking to social media agencies you’ve probably encountered a few buzz words. As any normal sales person you nod, smile and then go google the word to see what they actually meant. Nothing wrong with that. We’ve all done it.
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20 Jul 2017

What is proptech?

You’ve probably heard the term FinTech at some point. FinTech is the emerging sector of companies using technology to improve and refine the financial sector. Lately another term has started to pick up speed - PropTech!
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